The management of addresses is a problem that has long plagued local governments. Now, with AddressOne you can leave those worries behind.

FARRAGUT AddressOne is the first and only GIS-Enabled, Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) product to solve this growing problem. AddressOne provides a complete enterprise addressing solution including managing and distributing addresses across the enterprise.

AddressOne will help you:

Enhance Revenues

  • Discover real properties that don’t exist on the tax roles
  • Leverage field personnel (e.g., permit inspectors) to find missing/wrong addresses
  • Manage condominium addresses and conversion of apartments to condominiums

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate or reduce the need to separately manage, maintain, and share multiple address repositories
  • Addresses can be entered once instead of into multiple databases
  • Increase the ability for self-service address requests, e.g., reducing the time spent by GIS staff responding to requests for mailing notifications (e.g., everything with 500’ of a parcel)

Improve Customer Service

  • Cut the waiting time for new address assignments in half
  • Issue building permits in less time

Decrease Your Risk

  • Improve the quality and consistency of addressing information
  • Speed the delivery of addressing information to emergency services

Discover the many ways AddressOne can benefit your enterprise. Contact us today.

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"I wish AddressOne had been around 20 years ago. Managing addresses across multiple county departments has been a challenge for as long as I’ve been working for the county. I think it’s a challenge for most if not all counties. Farragut is the first company to create a packaged software solution."

Bill Doolittle, Tax Director for Iredell County