NCPTS Property Tax Solution

Best Practices for NC Counties

The NCPTS cooperative technology initiative from the NCACC and Farragut is bringing together property tax experts from across the state of North Carolina. The result is significant improvements in appraisal and collection results and an even greater potential statewide.

Comprehensive and Fully Integrated Solution

  • Interdepartmental Workflow Integration:
    NCPTS reduces reappraisal effort, enables more frequent reappraisals, and improves accuracy with advanced “anytime reappraisal” tools.

  • Real Property Appraisal:
    NCPTS allows you to automate many of the manual tasks that drain staff time such as payment reminders and processing returned and unreturned listings. The result: Your staff will have more time to spend on discovery and your revenue will show it.

  • Business & Personal Property Appraisal:
    NCPTS simplifies business and personal property listings and returns, registrar management, and depreciation.

  • Tax Assessment and Billing:
    NCPTS automates tax assessment and billing processes including returned listing processing, annual billing workflow, simplified tax exemption and relief, and automated year end rollover.

  • Tax Cashiering and Enforced Collections:
    NCPTS improves collections using the most comprehensive tools available, including delinquent collections management, mass garnishments, debt setoffs, and payment plans.

  • Citizen Services:
    NCPTS improves access to accurate & timely tax services and information for taxpayers, municipalities, regulators, and auditors. Features include online tax records, bills, & payments; advanced search & reporting; integrated document management; and comprehensive transaction & audit history.

  • Workflow Management, Document Management, and Reporting Services:
    NCPTS improves overall operational efficiency with features including workflow management, document management, and reporting.

Contact us today to learn how your county can increase its property tax revenue and reduce time spent on manual tasks with NCPTS.