Our People

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Employee: Shail Jain
Title: CEO and Co-founder
Experience: 41 years

Shail co-founded IIS (now Farragut) along with his wife Sucheta in 1992 after an accomplished 14-year career with some of the most prestigious names in the technology industry including, Sperry Univac, Eastman Kodak, and Data General (now EMC).

While at Eastman Kodak, Shail developed the network architecture necessary to automate the manufacturing processes. He went on to manage software development and support for Data General's database and compiler products. It was while working with these larger organizations that Shail developed a keen interest in not just technology and entrepreneurship, but in creating a workplace where employees were valued for their accomplishments and in turn helped the organization succeed.

In addition to his work, Shail enjoys reading classical literature (Russian, English and Hindi). He has been a member of Vistage (a CEO organization) since 2001. He also enjoys reading management writings by Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Robert Kaplan, David Norton and Steven Covey. He was deeply impacted by a Harvard Business Review 1997 article “The Living Company” on building long lasting companies.

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Employee: Jeff McDonald
Title: VP, Local Gov Solutions
Experience: 23 years

Jeff was one of the first employees to join Farragut and has held key positions with both the Workers' Compensation division and the Local Government division.

While working with the Workers' Compensation division Jeff facilitated the implementation of Spectrum System for the NY Compensation Insurance Rating Board. He later joined the Local Government division and found his current passion – helping local governments achieve greater efficiency, better services, and higher revenues through advanced technology.

He has overseen the successful implementation of the North Carolina Property Tax System in four counties and is currently involved in developing a next-generation approach to Computer Aided Mass Appraisal and a cloud-based property tax solution for smaller North Carolina counties.

Prior to joining Farragut, Jeff earned his BBA from Campbell University. He is currently a member of Vistage (an executive business coaching and leadership development program). When not at work, Jeff enjoys spoiling perfectly good weekend walks with golf.

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Employee: Sucheta Jain
Title: COO and Co-founder
Experience: 37 years

In 1992, after a 10-year career with technology giants such as Eastman Kodak and Data General, Sucheta Jain embarked on a new venture with her husband Shail, founding Intelligent Information Systems (now Farragut).

Her tenure in the technology industry equipped her with both the technological skillsets and business acumen necessary to launch and grow a successful company. Among her accomplishments with Eastman Kodak and Data General are the development of automation software for Kodak's film production lines and the development of Data General's Unix operating system.

Since founding Intelligent Information Systems, Sucheta has become the driving force in establishing and growing a culture of profitability, social responsibility, and employee engagement. At a time when technical talent was in high demand, she successfully maintained a 94% retention rate. She demonstrates her passion for community involvement by spearheading Farragut's work with Back Pack Buddies and elementary school tutoring.

When not at work, Sucheta enjoys reading books. Among her favorites is Eat, Pray, Love because of the heroine's courage to leave her comfort zone and try something new. Sucheta is also an avid gardener who enjoys cooking and staying current with the latest movies.

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Employee: Allen Gavilan
Title: VP, Innovation
Experience: 22 years

Allen is the designated Contract Manager for the Spectrum Partners solution. He has 15 years of experience with Farragut in the software products and services industry including general management, operations management, customer relationship management, innovation, business modeling, contracting, and sales.

As a high-energy technology visionary, Allen complements his software expertise with a deep understanding of his customer's business objectives. In over 15 years in leadership positions at Farragut, he has proven to be results oriented and a motivating force for his teams and customers.

Allen and his group are charged with exploring and introducing new technologies. "Today's successful businesses must embrace and leverage technology every chance they get. To compete in this new economy and fully realize their growth potential, profit margins and valuations, a relationship among companies and technology experts is mission critical."

Outside of work Allen enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys and being outdoors. He especially enjoys baseball, archery, running, camping, and canoeing.