Community Service

A deep commitment to service is at the core of our mission. From scholarships to blood drives, volunteerism is a central theme at Farragut.

At Farragut, our commitment to both the community within and around Farragut isn't just a statement on the wall. It is a central focus in all that we do.

Doing the Most Good in the Communities around Us

Today's children are the future of our community. But, without proper education and nutrition that future may be bleak. That's why two of the primary community initiatives sponsored by Farragut involve feeding and assisting in the educational needs of our community's children.

  • Adopt-a-School
    Perhaps our most ambitious project to date has been the Adopt-A-School program. The program began in 1998. Since then, each week on company time, volunteer employees head over to Parkwood Elementary School to tutor children in math and reading. These employees show the children, through their words and their presence, that they are important.

  • Backpack Buddies
    The Backpack Buddies program is another major undertaking we strongly support. It's a fantastic program that provides students with meals over the weekend. Eligible students receive backpacks filled with enough food for six healthy meals and two snacks. The children take the backpacks over the weekend and return them on Mondays. Then, over the course of the week, our employees bring in groceries to fill those backpacks up again.

Supporting a Healthier Planet

Besides working hard to reduce our environmental impact, we support NC Greenpower, a landmark initiative approved by the NC Utilities Commission. NC Greenpower focuses on improving North Carolina's environment through voluntary contributions toward renewable energy and the mitigation of greenhouse gases. Employees donate to NC Greenpower through payroll deductions. Farragut matches contributions.

Serving the Community Within

Farragut is made up of people who actively choose to stand by each other. That has become evident over the years as employees have readily provided assistance to one another in times of need.

Yvette Flounoy, Human Resources Manager with Farragut, recalls employees pitching in the equivalent of a 90 day salary for an employee who fell ill and had a gap between his employment and long-term disability. Another employee with a preemie was provided over time and several freezers worth of Dream Dinners when fellow employees and the management team realized the need.

"We stick together. We're a very close-knit company," says Yvette of the community that has developed within the Farragut office.